Hi, I’m Nathan!

I’m a travel nut, coffee addict, and lover of adventure…

Oh, and I capture moments forever on film!

A young lady sat down with me at a coffee shop to tell me about how she had decided to spend her summer. Going against her family’s expectations, she left her career as a hairstylist to direct a portion of a summer camp a few hours away. Previous years she had spent there with the kids impacted her so dearly she felt it was more important to build into the lives of teenage girls. Her journey that resulted in this decision touched me and brought me to become more intentional about a couple of young men I had become a mentor to.

Hearing about someone else’s walk changed the focus of my own.

The significance of this realization brought me to further examine how greatly we humans desire affirmation as well as inspiration.

Using the tools of videography, I now strive to craft captivating snapshots of stories- Your stories- and bring them to the world in the best light possible. I believe that sharing powerful stories changes lives. Stories are my passion, video is my tool.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together — African Proverb

Talk soon,


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