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Portraits, without the awkward.

I get it - Having your picture taken can be tough! I specialize in creating captivating portraits that make you feel confident & empowered—without the awkward, for people and businesses in the Okanagan area. Whether it’s a headshot that’s all-business for your LinkedIn profile and website about-me page; a casual but polished shot for your blog or branding; or a capture of the most vivacious, irresistible version of you for online dating, social media, or sharing with loved ones, I guarantee the experience will be fun, memorable, and—most important—painless.

Portraits that showcase the best in you

Your shoot will be casual & comfortable - I promise, it will be nothing like the super awkward, painful photo experiences you might have had in the past! We'll bring out the very best in you and make you look AMAZING. We'll have fun and keep things moving. My creative eye directs the light and composition to find that distinctive image.  I am always trying to do something new and give each client images that are unique as their personality. 

Julia Roberts
Business Manager
I just love their design for all stunning details. You must know what can you do for a project before taking it, but with Billey, the sky is the limit.
Tim Noblemen
Senior Designer
My eyes always pick for details and give a very harsh assessment on each design as if it is a real work of arts. You never know what you miss.
Stephen Mearsley
Creative Agent
@Billey is my only recent assistant who's got everything into work in a few easy steps. Look further, you've already got what you need here in this one theme only.
Boris Morz
CEO at Morbz
I would definitely give it a full five-star rating for its usefulness, mobile friendliness and responsiveness. Very few can exceed this level of professionalism.

Get more info & book your session

Send me a message with a few details about you & your dream day and I can send you some more info on pricing & packages!